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Дата рождения:6 Июня 1901
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Nicky Gold родился 6 Июня 1901 года. Мы не знаем где родился Nicky. Также, мы не знаем, где он сейчас проживает.

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Вот, что рассказывает Nicky о себе:
A Ukrainian DJ and sound producer, Nicky began his career as a DJ while organizing parties in his city. With time, Nicky received a few offers from abroad and he left university for his career, and went to Asia to work as a DJ. In very short period of time he has begun playing in the best clubs of China, and Asia. He played music at big festivals with huge audiences. While in China he became famous, and had tours all over Asia, while being one of the best DJs on the Chinese market. He amazingly mastered his skill of mixing with great musical taste played an important role. 
Without restricting himself, and playing all styles of music he gained respect from the majority of admirers of electronic music. 

His shows are meant to blow the crowds mind, to get a lot of crazy emotions and unforgettable experience. DJ Nicky Gold's live shows will stay with you for all your life, and people who don't even listen to EDM, will still like the music. He had experience of playing on the same stage with many of the planet best DJs. And more then once was viewed by them as a new rising star, and a great musician. Soon realizing that he won't gain much by playing someone else's music, without any hesitation he started spending all his time on learning music production and bases of the music theory, since he had a great desire make people happy, and creating his own music. Without focusing on creating mushups and remixes, he started to write his own material on the level of worlds EDM producers. In a few years he became one of the most talented DJs in Asia, having a great desire to concur the tops, and make people happy. Nicky is planning to achieve a great results on the worlds top of electronic musicians, by making his own material and dedicating his life to music. Nicky stated that, «This has become my life, and now I can't imagine myself without music, without this energy, without this crazy emotions that fans are giving me. I am doing everything for music, and music doing everything to make me happy. I just follow my heart and work a lot», from this quote, you can see that its not just a short term hobby, but music has become his life.Since his childhood he loved a wide variety of music, and he materialized himself as a DJ while organizing parties. Nicky always wanted to reach his highest potential and keep on growing; thats why every single day he spends his time on music production. He believes that only with hard work and full dedication you can reach great results and perfection.

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