Daniel Steele

Досье Daniel Steele

Адрес: США, Norfolk
Происхождение: Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Дата рождения:24 Сентября 1986
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Daniel Steele родился 24 Сентября 1986 года. Он был рожден в городе Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Norfolk, США. Daniel исповедует либральные взгляды. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "Agnostic".

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Вот, что рассказывает Daniel о себе:
The words that describe self-image mean nothing to me. I am myself, one true person who’s there when needed, and hidden when forgotten. I can take the role of being your hero, but it might not always be for the best. I Love and hate as does all, but yet at the same time I am different from all my surroundings. I am not a scene kid I am not a thug I do NOT classify myself as anything, high school is over for me. I am myself and I don't try to be something that I am not. Do not judge me before getting to know me I am not perfect nor flawless. Everyone has their flaws and no one is perfect. I treat people the way I would like to be treated, I don't hate on others because it's lame and I have better things to do with my time. I like veggies and meat I like soda pop, I enjoy reading... yes reading. I play guitar, I love music, and I’m an apprentice, learning to be an electrician. Girls with piercing eyes, perfect lips and tattoos are my weakness. I don't take people for granted. I enjoy the small things in life. Like the view of the ocean or city from the high point of a hill. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, even the people that hate me... they'll become ugly once they reach their limit of ignorance and vanity. I listen for love and Lust for temptation. I like the way the sea breeze blows through my hair, And I love the way the sand feels between my toes. I am infatuated with that little thing called LOVE. And if someone has bad Karma bad shit will happen to them. I DO NOT believe in GOD. Shoot me if you think that makes me a bad person. But that is what I believe. Don't tell me that I am wrong. I don't have many friends but i would do anything for those select few. I enjoy kissing, cuddling and holding hands more than sex. Call me crazy. I have a past... just like anyone else. Don't judge me for the things I have done and the mistakes I have made. Because my past and my mistakes have brought me this far and has made me the person that I am today. I am perfectly content with myself. The more mistakes the more you learn... The more you're hurt the stronger you get... it’s called living. Strange things sometimes fascinate me. When pain is inflicted during intimacy I unravel and become entranced. Chaos... Lust... Controversy... Insanity... and Excitement, pretty much portrays what I am about. I am weak yet strong and enjoy the obstacles that my life has had while growing up. I still am. I may sound mature for my age and don't get me wrong I am, but I am also a big kid. I'm not cocky... I'm confident. I may not be the most beautiful guy in the world but I'm sure not the ugliest. I have style and I have class even though people may not think so, I really do think I am a wonderful person to know. I am sweet and kind and couldn't hurt a fly... unless it hurt me first. This is me... this is real. I'm not afraid of being myself and acting like a complete fucking dork around people. If you get embarrassed by people easily then you may want to keep your distance.