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Адрес: Германия,
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Нам не известно когда родился Chai Deveraux. Нам не известно где родился Chai. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе , Германия.

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Music is my everything. A language like no other!

Mr. Tim Burton, the one and only who created my big love: Emily (!!!not Autumn!, although it would be funny i think), if you hear me now, I (!) would marry you immediately!

"For some must watch, while some must sleep; Thus runs the world away."

< Guitar-player,Electro Producer Bitch & Drug-Dummie of the motherfuckin.. Industrial-Rock-Band JESUS ON EXTASY! not less, not more! Producing wild stuff inside of my studio somewhere at @ruhr-area !