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Нам не известно когда родился Denis Yoyo. Нам не известно где родился Denis. Также, мы не знаем, где он сейчас проживает.

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The human species would thrive better in isolation, retarded, and without the capability of annunciation. 

How would we interact with one another? With joy and happiness. 
Could it be that whats inferior is really superior? 
A supreme being? 
Socialization is a form of regression.
Therefore the measure is nonexistent for progression. 
This world cant bring me to my knees when it's dead to me. 
Our society's apathy will never get the best of me. 

So I live in confinement because this is bullshit, I repent. 
I look at a crowd of empty faces, kids who just dont give a shit. 
Free thought is scorned upon. 
If you're a victim you're a pawn. 
Can't cut loose with no excuse. Unaccountable, we're enslaved and can't be saved when we believe "everything happens for a reason." 

To not accept our "fate" is moral treason. 
We turn a blind eye to the problems of man because it's part of gods "master plan."
Centuries of religious archetypes is how this all began. 
We must break free from the shackles of thought to fucking understand. 
That our fear of death is what fucking kills us.
We're slaves to our gods and we can never be free. 
We can never be free of the tyranny of bigotry within the bourgeoisie. 
Where a system based on greed is fucking drowning me. 

Just because you close your eyes doesnt mean the world disappears. 
Just because you close your eyes doesnt mean the world disappears. 
Just because you close your eyes doesnt mean the world disappears. 

We're truly blind when our imaginations are filled with fears. 
I believe in myself and my heart. 
Not religious zealotry that is used to rule you and me, 
Where god is made into a cheap fucking whore. 
Our lord should deserve more. 
So I broke free from the fallacies. 
I don't need a savior because I saved myself.