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Нам не известно когда родился Егор Говорун. Непонятно где родился Егор. Также, мы не знаем, где он сейчас проживает. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "Верю в Бога".

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Вот, что рассказывает Егор о себе:
From my childhood years I can clearly remember that I had wanted to become an established and well respected individual. I observed the life of my parents and understood that to gain fame and fortune; one must work hard (and remain responsible to a chosen trade) and give a serious personal effort at all times. As John Buchan correctly said: “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken”. Therefore, I want to maximize my potential and acquire the most suitable education in the sphere of my biggest interest- commerce. 

Being exteremely engaged by automobiles, I learned to drive at quite a young age. Since then I owned several cars, and became somewhat of an expert in the mechanics of an automobile. For example, I can easily take apart most motor vehicles and I get very excited about installing new car modifications. In fact I was one of the organizers for a Ukrainian national expo of car tuning and design, with over three hundred vehicles on exhibit. I was responsible for attracting investment and sponsors and even managed to invite a national music channel (M1) to report about the show. This venture was financially successful and I received a good deal of money and experience in management as well as marketing, as a result. 

My family used to own an auto service some time ago, and I hope that I can revive that business in the future. I’m well accustomed with car diagnostics, and exterior check-up. I have also sold spare parts to my friends, by acquiring them cheaply from abroad. I possess much background and practical knowledge about this type of enterprise, now I need proper university education to make my goal achievable. 

I have noticed myself mature both intellectually and spiritually during the past three years while studying in the United Kingdom. Hardly anybody from Ukraine has the opportunity to acquire university education in the U.K. I’m very grateful for that opportunity, and I want to make the best of it. Living here allowed me to learn the language, and introduced me to the world of international finance that I closely follow ever since. 

I regard myself as a socially and political aware individual, and I can proudly say that I was a part of the “orange revolution”, which has inspired me to join the Nasha Ukraina party. I’m concerned that my home country experiences a great deal of corruption, and I hope that new president will be able to correct the mistakes of the past. 

I have a strongpoint in communication skills. I participated in many school drama performances, while I was the host for a graduation party as well as other school ceremonies. I was even invited to become a radio host on the local radio station.