Natasha Marova

Досье Natasha Marova

Адрес: США, Dallas
Происхождение: Almaty
Сайт: offline
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Нам не известно когда родилась Natasha Marova. Она была рождена в городе Almaty. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Dallas, США. Natasha исповедует либральные взгляды.

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Вот, что рассказывает Natasha о себе:
take me as I am , don't try to interpret............................

"She can have fun like a man & love like a woman" "BLOW"


'm zonin off of one joint, stoppin a limo
Hopped in the window, shoppin a demo at gunpoint
A lyricist without a clue, what year is this?
Fuck a needle, here's a sword, bodypierce with this
Livin amuk, never givin a fuck
Gimme the keys I'm drunk, and I've never driven a truck
But I smoke dope in a cab
I'll stab you with the sharpest knife I can grab
Come back the next week and re-open your scab (YEAH!)
A killer instinct runs in the blood
Emptyin full clips and buryin guns in the mud
I've calmed down now -- I was heavy once into drugs
I could walk around straight for two months with a buzz
My brain's gone, my soul's worn and my spirit is torn
The rest of my body's still bein operated on
I'm ducked the fuck down while I'm writin this rhyme
Cause I'm probably gonna get struck with lightnin this time
I walked into a gunfight with a knife to kill you
And cut you so fast when your blood spilled it was still blue
I'll hang you til you dangle and chain you with both ankles
And pull you apart from both angles
I wanna crush your skull til your brains leaks out of your veins
And bust open like broken water mains
So tell Saddam not to bother with makin another bomb
Cause I'm crushin the whole world in my palm
Got your girl on my arm and I'm armed with a firearm
So big my entire arm is a giant firebomb
Buy your mom a shirt with a Slim Shady iron-on
And the pants to match ("Here momma try em on")
I get imaginative with a mouth full of adjectives,
a brain full of adverbs, and a box full of laxatives
(Shittin on rappers) Causin hospital accidents
God help me before I commit some irresponsible acts again

I know y'all wonder, who the female stunner, in the G-G-Hunter
Ridin 'round town in a hot pink Hummer, hot like summer
With the diamond bangles
like Charlie's Angels, you can't knock my hustle
And I need my bread up front playboy, cause I can't trust ya
I'm just like a phone bill, if you don't pay me, ain't no conversation
And money mean the world to me, that's why this bitch here paper chasin
When it comes to the figures
I'm way way worse than them hustlin niggaz
With the ki's to the coke, for the mansion
the Bentley and the keys to the boat
I take that dick real, real, real deep to the throat
I'm from the M-I-A, that's where I dwell, niggaz can't you tell
I'm bad as hell, even my pussy smell like Chanel.