Katrina Demidova

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Адрес: США, Los Angeles
Происхождение: Kiev
Дата рождения:2 Октября
Сайт: offline
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Katrina Demidova родилась 2 Октября неизвестно какого года. Она была рождена в городе Kiev. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Los Angeles, США. Katrina исповедует либральные взгляды. Katrina относится к алкоголю нейтрально.

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I was brought up in a traditional Russian-American environment where education, hard work, morals and values were of the utmost importance. After my father passed away from lung cancer at the age of 47, my mom and my brother raised me to believe that absolutely everything was possible if you work hard and if you are devoted to your goals and dreams. I start every day knowing that whatever I conceive I achieve, and if something I wanted did not happen today, it will happen tomorrow. I never give up. I LOVE LEARNING and am a firm believer in education. I believe that children are the biggest gifts of life and deserve all the love and attention in the world. My biggest dream is to one day to be able to adopt a child who is in need. I think of family & marriage as the most sacred union. I consider humility to be my biggest virtue. I find a lot of strengths and wisdom in patience and balance. My success and my everyday achievements I share with those people who contributed to the make-up of my character and my values. To them I devote my biggest gratitude, love and appreciation.

I come to real estate from a background in sales and finance. With a Bachelors Degree in finance, an education concentrating on accounting, finance and business I am well versed in all matters that can come up during a real estate transaction, starting with the initial listing of the property, pro-active marketing, client communications and ending with efficient management of escrow process and closing. My background and experience allows me to thinks strategically, provide disciplined advice, and execute on that advice so that my listings are sold for Top Dollar and my clients (buyers and investors) reach their most sophisticated real estate goals.

Please contact me if your thinking of buying or selling a home, or if you would like a FREE market evaluation of your property.

Prudential CA Realty
9696 Wilshire Blvd, 3rd Floor
Beverly Hills CA 90212