Britney Spears

Досье Britney Spears

Адрес: США, New York City
Происхождение: Kentwood
Дата рождения:2 Декабря 1981
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Britney Spears родилась 2 Декабря 1981 года. Она была рождена в городе Kentwood. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе New York City, США. Britney исповедует консервативные взгляды. На вопрос о религии она указала: "Catholicism".

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Вот, что рассказывает Britney о себе:
I such what I am!!!)))
Father Britni, Jim Spears, the builder.
* Mother Britni, Lynn, worked as the teacher in high school. Under its statement, Britney Spears to sing and dance the beginnings earlier, than to speak and go.
* 1985 - first official performance Britney. It has occured in local church where Бритни has sung a song « What Child Is This ».
* Parents Spears give talent of the daughter a lot of time: some times in a week carry it in the next city in school of dances and on employment by gymnastics, write down on various competitions of " small talents ». All this in view of that in family there are two more children, senior brother Britni and its younger sister.
* 1989 - Britney takes part in children's  competition in Atlanta and reaches the ending, but the jury disqualifies it because of age. However here producers of children's teleshow pay attention to the girl « Club Mikki of the Mouse ». Even for this purpose show Britney it is still too small, but thus it is too talented, that it to miss. Producers go on the compromise: suggest parents of the future star to bring it to New York, in the Broadway dancing center and School of Art of performance.
* 1989 - 1992 - every summer Spears spends with mum in New York, being engaged in studios and already periodically acting in some commercial television projects.
* 1993 - Britney at last recognize enough adult for « Club Mikki of the Mouse ». It spends in club two seasons, not stopping thus the solo performances. In same to a year Спирс for the first time it is removed in advertising, showing love to sharp sauce for a barbecue « Maull it ».
* 1995 - after closing show « Club Mikki of the Mouse » Бритни comes back in Кенвуд to finish study. However in same to year it has time to be removed in one advertising roller this time representing the telephone company « Bell South Communications ».
* 1996 - Spears comes back to New York and offers the demos-records to several producers. With it Eric Foster Uajt (продюсировавший before group " Boyzone ", «Hi-Five», and also Уитни Houston) starts to work.
* 1998 -  works in Sweden with Maksom Martin, the producer « Backstreet Boys » and « Ace of Base ». In October there is first single Britney « Baby One More Time », and in December - a clip on this song, removed by director Najdzhelom Wild.
* on January, 12th, 1999 - an output of first album Britney Spears « … Baby One More Time ». The album quickly became platinum, the header composition has won first place in chat Billboard.
* After an output of first album Britney becomes a star, an idol of millions teenagers worldwide. The press appropriates to it a title "priest-princess". Simultaneously 1999 turns to one of the most intense in career of the young singer: it lets out four more clips on a composition «Sometimes», « (You Drive Me) Crazy » « From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart » (Greg Dark), « Born To Make You Happy » (Bills Woodruff). Britney goes round the USA with round « Baby One More Time », becomes the person of an advertising campaign « Tommy Hilfeger Jeans », « Got Milk? » In the homeland and sweets «Suuki» in Japan.
* Diligence have not passed gift, and in "take-off" 1999 Spears has reaped the whole crop of prestigious awards. A rank « the Best singer of year » B. have awarded Billboard Awards, Hollywood Reporter Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Popcorn Awards (Germany), Smash Hits Awards (Great Britain). A rank « the Beginner of year »: Billboard Awards, AOL Awards, Hollywood Reporter Awards, Rennbahn Express Awards (Austria), TMF Awords (Netherlands). A title « the Best international executor »: Gold Disc Awards, Much Music Awards (Canada), Bravo Gold Awards (Germany), Premios Amigos Awards (Spain). Besides it: the premium « MTV Europe Music Awards » in a nomination « Break of year » and a rank of " the Most sold actor of the Great Britain ».
* Simultaneously Britney in the co-authorship with mum has time to write the book « Heart to Heart ».
* on May, 16th, 2000