Amanda Cerny

Досье Amanda Cerny

Адрес: Россия, Новосибирск
Дата рождения:9 Ноября 1988
Сайт: offline
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Amanda Cerny родилась 9 Ноября 1988 года. Мы не знаем где родилась Amanda. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Новосибирск, Россия.

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I was an ordinary guy who has a pure heart but not anymore....

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[3/18/2010 4:45:26 PM] kenshin6353 says: сперва скажу пусть мне с сайтов каких нить вещей купит xD где kenSHIT тогда заказывал... там же цены смешные...скажу и подружке давай xD

[3/18/2010 4:56:00 PM] kenshin6353 says: если с ним останусь... буду знать что каждый раз как ссоримся он идет пёзды разглядывать другие..а мне зачем это..нервы тратить
О себе:
Im KENSHIN LAI...we have been together for 2 years
i treat her so nice but my girlfriend has lied to me,cheated to me all time..i really treat her very nice,forgiv her alot of times.gave her chances alot of time.

1st time she lied was on the 2nd months of our relationship.there is a guy called ruslan.he is a good guy.she lied to me that she want to go to cafe.Atlast,she went with him to a mall to see breakdancing.

2nd time,it was her birthday,she went out for shushi with her mom,but in the end,she invite a guy with her to celebrate her birthday together.After that she told me,it's just a friend.

3rd time,she went to china with her mom,in the bus she met a guy,a botanist,she has been together with him all way long.hugging him in the picture,even with other chinese guy.that botanist is not her friend at all,she just met him.

4th time,in her hometown,she said that she want to go out with her ex classmates,only girls.she sent me those pictures.yea,only girls,2 gals.but she was with whole groups guys and girls,drinking.and she came back home late.she lied to me that there is no bus bcos of no bus.not about she was drinking.

She dont admit herself,she even wanna deny till death IF I FOUND PICTURES TO HER TO PROVE IT.She always find little thing to argue and fight and doesnt wanna stop.She treat me like a stupid and bad and told me that she love me less now bcos i treat her bad which is not true.She behve like a damn bitch to me.

She came to me to Malaysia,she treat me so bad and bhave like a bitch and i slap her.She told her friends and family, cousin that i treat her sorry that i beat her and slap her.she didnt tell how she did to me for 2 years.she told them just only i i slap and beat her.everyone against me.

Before that,her sister and cousin called me fucker,bitch watever...she didnt ignore and fight back to protect me.when i call them bitch.. she asked for apologization.

She is not ashamed to tell everybody that im bad (which is not true) but she is ashamed to tell them all she said was wrong.that's y im here to tell you guys.

She said to me she would do whatever things i like but in the end she kept on doing things i dont like and we quarreled and told me that y cant she do whatever she likes.

she doesnt put me as her priority.she doesnt know what is love.She doesnt cherish me(thou she kept on telling me there r a lot of ways bside the private request i wanted).she doesnt fight,secrifice for love.she stays selfish and care about herself only.

She is a cheater,a liar,have a bitch mouth and behave like a bitch more than treating me nice.She changes facts,always make fake facts and wana cheat me.i always need to prove it to her to make her wrong if not, she wont admit,never.

i suffered and as a man i cried for her and love at last.. she said that im acting like 13 years old can she talk to me with her bitch mouth.told her friend that i do not let her go..EVERYTIME i wanna end it..she just keep on begging me to come can she tell lies to her friend.she is not honest at all.