Sami Monosovich

Досье Sami Monosovich

Адрес: Россия
Происхождение: Kiev , Ukrain
Дата рождения:27 Сентября 1986
Сайт: offline
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Sami Monosovich родился 27 Сентября 1986 года. Он был рожден в городе Kiev , Ukrain. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в Россия. Sami исповедует либральные взгляды.

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Вот, что рассказывает Sami о себе:
having a good education is above all , what religion u r means nothing to me , cuz wat really matters is to be a good guy with good manners !
Once i start partying i would never stop till me feet literally drop , am a party animal and i like it !
Am half russian half syrian , so yes drinkin in parties , gathers take a place ... a very important one
Nop not gonna stop that for u :)
i may look like a normal person but deep inside am a rockers mixed with nerdy genes , i spend hours working on a pc, listening to metal and rock music...
Colors and designs r one of the biggest parts of my life , been a graphic designer since the age of 12 ...
Since i spend hours working , i have to have music ... and here , the ipod became my life , my bible and my quran
funny ppl means intellegent ppl !
Dance like nobody is watching ? haha , forget it.. i let my self go crazy !! and i like it when ppl watch it :D
I have a strange thing , i do imagine the thing u say .. so spare me some details , cuz i duwanna imagine it
Yes i do compose music and NO i do not mix tracks , am not a dj .. am a producer , yes i used to call my self a dj when i was young but i quit DJing cuz never learned it live !
Pop music is somethin needs to be stopped ! ASAP , its killing music
Am a homo-phobic , call it watever u want .. i AM a homo-phobic , dont hate them but cant be around them !
I do not believe in second life , so try to be ur best in life !
Call me material , but life is about money !
Not a player , but an explorer !
I like sit back relax n chill out once in a while , hiding form the rush through my day !
although i sit back n relax , i luv the pressure , and i luv being under it
Spare me the foreign words , dont use them that much .. cuz i really hate it and its not cool ! use ur native language...
ur into cats ? me too , i luv cats , and i have a weird thing i talk to them as a normal human being ... yes , and they do not understand me !
Self confident , and i am sure of every single step i take and every single action i do !

Now a msg to girls :

Be on time
Am not into sluts/whores/bitches
U gotta look like someone i would introduce to my mom , althought u might never see her
If ur not working/studying , please do not waste my time , am not into u :)
If i couldnt have a normal convo with u for the first 5 min. then u blew it and i wouldnt be intersted in anyway
I am into dirty dancing only on hiphop music , and yes i can dance salsa on any tune u might hear
I know ur hot n sexy , thats doesnt mean ill be all over u...
Please know wat u want , i hate confused girls
If u want somethin , be straight forward do not play innocent on me , cuz i hate it !
dont brag !
drama queens, commit suicide , or ill push u to it :)
Bad breath, body odor ... all very very big turn offs ! althought i smoke i take a mint before i kiss.. do the same !
Have no sense of style? , i have no sense towards u at all !