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ya v simfere ;)

Адрес: Украина, Симферополь
Происхождение: irresistable place of humanity = IPOH /// КРЫМ-СТОН
Дата рождения:15 Мая 1984
Сайт: offline
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Seeto Herbsman родился 15 Мая 1984 года. Он был рожден в городе irresistable place of humanity = IPOH /// КРЫМ-СТОН. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Симферополь, Украина. На вопрос о религии он указал: "Буддизм".

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well...this is a beenie part of i life where i-man kyan tell the i guys out dere. de creation of di almighty jah had brin' i into dis ya lovin' and peacefull world. through de time of i struggle of bein' a part of de community, i-man have learned a heap thin's about life. deh are people which are bad and also good, so it is up fe us fe decide which one are fe be friends and also which one are fe be kept far far away. i-man believe inna words of loyalty and trust in friendship.i do no create link with de polytricksters and also de destoroyer of our i baby i baby mother lovin' doti, babylon. 
i grew up in a middle wealth of family and through that i've explore di meanin' of humanity through dub which i-man love a heap especially reggae dub.
because of i love fe dub is so huge, i-man spreadin' dub fe people drough i skill of bein' a dj. ain't no profesional one, but in forward i-man hope i-man do.
sports is also a part of i life. i play lots of sports but de main loving item is rugby. it trains our mind, lion and strength fe be a perfect player and leads fe a perfect sportman. a gentleman's game i call that.last but no least, i-man love fe explore cris din's in life coz i live onces and i die onces but de our lion will remain forever. so, i-man believe rules are creation of mankind and no i-dren inna world have di right fe punish us just thru' that. so be free and explore your life till notch coz rules are so-so meant fe be broken.
and i-man have dreadloacks no fe show people dat iman creative or stylish, but fe show people de roots of mandkind should be kept and no fe be forgotten or chopped down. rastafari i-man believe in and rastaman i am.