Olga Smirnova

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Адрес: Россия, Москва
Сайт: offline
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Нам не известно когда родился Olga Smirnova. Нам не известно где родился Olga. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Москва, Россия.

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Вот, что рассказывает Olga о себе:
I'be been bitten by the bug and I am coming down with oh
Something that can't be cured
There aint a doctor in this town who is more qualified than
Yeah to be so adored

So tell me what do you prescribe for these symptoms
A heart beating faster and work is a disaster
I'm lovesick when you're not around
Check me over
When strong hands and healing
I'm dancing on the ceiling

Fever sure has got me good
What you do when fever takes hold
I can't help but need this drug
Don't you feel the fever like I do
Feel the fever

I am ready for the news so tell me straight
Hey doctor just what do you diagnose
There aint a surgeon like you any place in all the world
So now, shall I remove my clothes