Мария Ветер

Досье Мария Ветер

Адрес: США, Seward
Происхождение: Волгоград
Дата рождения:22 Июня 1988
Скайп: mariaveter
Сайт: offline
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Мария Ветер родилась 22 Июня 1988 года. Она была рождена в городе Волгоград. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Seward, США. Мария исповедует ультраконсервативные взгляды. На вопрос о религии она указала: "неиспавимая язычница=))". Мария относится к алкоголю позитивно.

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Folklore personifies the wind as an untrustworthy and dishonorable traveler (Elizabeth A. Warner. Russian Myths)

Shadow of the Moon
In the shadow of the moon,
She danced in the starlight
Whispering a haunting tune
To the night...
Velvet skirts spun 'round and 'round
Fire in her stare
In the woods without a sound
No one cared...
Through the darkened fields entranced,
Music made her poor heart dance,
Thinking of a lost romance...
Long ago...
Feeling lonely, feeling sad,
She cried in the moonlight.
Driven by a world gone mad
She took flight...
"Feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Feel no hurt, there's nothing gained...
Only love will then remain,"
She would say.
Shadow of the Moon...
Shadow of the Moon...
Somewhere just beyond the mist
Spirits were seen flying
As the lightning led her way
Through the dark...
Shadow of the Moon..

Broke my heart 
Down the road 
Spend the weekend 
Sewing the pieces back on 

Crayons and dolls pass me by 
Walking gets too boring 
When you learn how to fly 

Not the homecoming kind 
Take the top off 
And who knows what you might find 

Won't confess all my sins 
You can bet I'll try it 
But I can't always win 

'Cause I'm a gypsy 
But are you coming with me? 
I might steal your clothes 
And wear them if they fit me 
I never made agreements 
Just like a gypsy 
And I won't back down 
'Cause life's already hurt me 
And I won't cry 
I'm too young to die 
If you're gonna quit me 
'Cause I'm a gypsy 

I can't hide 
what I've done 
Scars remind me 
Of just how far that I've come 
To whom it may concern 
Only run with scissors 
When you want to get hurt