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Дата рождения:16 Сентября
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Britanny Kramer родилась 16 Сентября, но мы не знаем какого года. Она была рождена в городе ..... Britanny придерживается умеренных политических взглядов.

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My name is  Brittany Kramer .I lovelovelove life, marijuana, and being single! I'm actually a really nice girl, :)! Way too nice for my own good. I don't care who you are, or what you think of me. Honest. So go ahead and assume whatever you want. People never really get to see me for who I am anyways. I am not an idiot and I don't tolerate being treated like one. Never underestimate me, or my intelligence, it will be to your disadvantage. Fuck your God. I'm not here to judge you for what you are or aren't, as long as your honest and sincere, you'll have my respect. Don't underestimate me, I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Get to know me <3