Antonio Ghidoni

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Адрес: Великобритания, London
Дата рождения:13 Декабря 1979
Сайт: offline
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Antonio Ghidoni родился 13 Декабря 1979 года. Мы не знаем где родился Antonio. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе London, Великобритания.

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Hello! thank you for stopping by, a few things about myself: originally from Italy and I now live and work in London, before moving to London I lived in California for 5 years and I actually miss it more than my homecountry :) especially the people and all the friends I had there.  I work in the movie industry and I am one of the few lucky ones who truly realized his dreams :)
I'm an active person, friendly, like going out, always up for meeting for a coffee, like getting to know new people :) and I would like to meet some nice, warm, interesting people to hang out with.