[[stoners]] gangsta

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Адрес: Финляндия, Kuopio
Происхождение: kuopio
Дата рождения:4 Апреля
Скайп: garaad2
Сайт: offline
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[[stoners]] gangsta родился 4 Апреля знать бы еще какого года. Он был рожден в городе kuopio. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Kuopio, Финляндия. [[stoners]] социалист. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "Islam". [[stoners]] трезвенник.

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Вот, что рассказывает [[stoners]] о себе:
As was shown from sochatsya dreams,
When changing the moon phase,
I get out of the shadow of the wall,
Cheerful and evil.
When the green eyes are burning,
And the mirror had a poison
I have ten drafted in a number of streets,
In order for you.

Your soul in my hands
Zamret as a mouse in the cat's paws,
Among the fog does not know me;
Are you in the years and centuries
Forget the taste and color, and odor
Togo, which is in the interplay of the day.

You sleep and you see me in a dream:
I am for you just a shadow on the wall.
How foolish you and me
Do not believe in the virtue of road.
When I died, you were so glad:
You think I do not go back,
But I have to get one in the crack between the lines,
And I have broken this world, like a rusty lock.
I never liked to tell fortunes, but otherwise could not.

When I was in a stone wool roller,
Then in the blood zagusteet revenge,
And you will receive bad news
From wind and birds.
But you, the owner of the water and grass,
You do not kosneshsya my head,
I vzlechu of owl feathers,
Do not see the borders,

You remember the left,
How do you burn and hanged me:
Child Anema died laughing.
And I will come back to you to say:
You provided me fairly sinful,
Thus redeemed at least a small part.

You sleep and you see me in a dream:
I am for you just a shadow on the wall.
I'm hiding in the air and the moon,
Flying like a thin sheet.
And I do not pity you:
In my blood boil steel
In my soul fleer passion and vice,
And the pain of a bunch of bright dancing forty.
I never liked to rise, but otherwise could not.

When we stay together,
As I do not believe - your salvation,
But the two voices, we propoem
Waste you. "
Get to know me in the eyes glow,
Because you kill me many times,
But only time will once again brings us
In my divination.

Carnival of fallen leaves,
Ulybka swords so carelessly.
Child Anema not forgive grievances.
You are in my trap got,
Your satisfaction is inevitable.
You know it, then be killed.

You sleep and you see me in a dream:
I am for you just a shadow on the wall.
It is time to go outside,
So come out on the threshold.
After killing me many hundreds of times
From death you do not uydesh now
But you are tired of the anger and the fear prodrog,
And I am teaching you your last lesson.
I never liked to kill, but otherwise could not.

I never liked to tell fortunes,
I never liked to rise,
I never liked to kill,
I never liked,
But otherwise could not have ...