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Адрес: Сан-Марино, San Marino
Происхождение: Republic of San Marino
Дата рождения:28 Января
Сайт: offline
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Miodio Официальныйроссийскийсайт родился 28 Января неизвестно какого года. Он был рожден в городе Republic of San Marino. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе San Marino, Сан-Марино.

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Вот, что рассказывает Miodio о себе:
-Miodio- (Pronounce: ME ODEO) were born in 2002.
Sancho, Polly, Aleh, Paul e Niko met on the occasion of a charity evening, during which they performed together for the first time. Following that fleeting experience they took the decision to begin a common creative route which led to the realization of the first EP containing 5 tracks, produced by the label "Acanto".
In 2007 the band realized the single "It's ok" for the record label "Opera Prima" owned by Andrea Felli, Massimo Nardi and Roberto Fiacchini. The song is still broadcast by more than one hundred national radio stations, it's listed in the catalogue " iTunes Store" and it's included in the soundtrack of the movie "Il Soffio dell'Anima".
The name of the band, meaning "I hate myself" is undoubtedly provocative, but it hides a deep reflection...

"I hate myself because though I have all means to change the things, I don't do absolutely nothing to change them...".

"You must learn to see how much you hate yourself until you look at yourself in the mirror and see the reflection of your thoughts, you will use every person you meet as a mirror reflecting what you think of yourself..."

"I think that a person that decides to make music today must hate himself... the standard that the showbusiness reality imposes... the difficulty to be listened... but love and hate are feelings that go behind the logic... that's why we still believe in our dream, that is making music...".

Obviously it's a difficult name to carry, but it was chosen because it represents the frame of mind belonging to the experience of the five members of the band... even through contraddictions... love and hate...

The inspiration isn't at all drawn from italian style, the references should rather be looked for in the british musical tradition... New Wave, Brit Pop, Electronic of the 80's, Trip Hop, Rock...

Some of the most important experiences of the band:

-Eurovision Song Contest 2008 (Belgrade - Serbia) They represent the Republic of San Marino with the song "Complice". The show is broadcast in the whole world and totals a share of 500 millions of spectators, it's the most followed television programme in the world after the United States Superbowl final... Consequently the band is guest at different european radio and television programmes and appears on many Internet sites.

-Mediterranean Music Festival 2008 (Budva - Montenegro) Miodio perform with the track "It's ok" at one of the most important european international festivals. The event is transmitted by satellite in the whole continent.

-Cerbul de Aur, Golden Stag, (Brasov - Romania) The band after being noticed on the stage of ESC 2008, is invited by the organization to represent the Republic of San Marino on that occasion. The event totals nearly 10 millions spectators in Romania and in the rest of Europe.

-MpZero Tour 2007, Renato Zero's Tour. They participate as supporters: playing at Olimpic Stadium in Rome, at San Siro Stadium in Milan, at Euganeo Stadium in Padua, at Franchi Stadium in Florence, at Victory Arena in Bari and at Velodrome in Palermo; 500.000 spectators in all.

-XVII San Marino Festival. Winners of the last edition of the musical competition of San Marino with the single "It's ok".

-Arts Festival 2006 (Bologna). Winners of the prize "Viva Music" and "Best Original Song": Art Director Andrea Mingardi.

-XII Biennal of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean 2005 (Naples). The band representing the Republic of San Marino, realizes a short film concerning the different aspects of Passion. The work looks rough at intervals but it already contains the embryonal sound elements that do characterize the band.