Pedro Vianna

Досье Pedro Vianna

Происхождение: Salvador/Brazil
Дата рождения:9 Сентября 1993
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Pedro Vianna родился 9 Сентября 1993 года. Он был рожден в городе Salvador/Brazil. На вопрос о религии он указал: "Wicca".

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hello , i´m Pedro ,I´M 15 , I know , i look oldder. and i´m a brazilian ,i live in brazil and i live in a big city of brazil. and me hate that.I have a one tattoo and 12 piercings in my body, and i love that. i´m so popular in my school and city , i dont like it much, i´m a bisexual , so a like BOYS and GIRLS. I love make-up, to leave with my friends, ballad, sensuality, self esteem and above all I respect. respect to be respected and I don't commit the madness of being normal. I love to do new friends, I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and some french! alive in a constant change inside of me and I am always growing with each situation that I pass. when do I love? I love with all my being! with the purest and sincere will, with the purest and true desire! I have depression and I suffer a lot for that reason.I wait that you never treats me with falsehood, with lies, or something of that gender. because that I despise! I also despise people that things are said that are not, and that they are said something that at least don't know what means. I have my own style. something more? wonder.