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Адрес: США, San Francisco
Происхождение: San Fancisco
Сайт: offline
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Нам не известно когда родился Territoria Territoria. Он был рожден в городе San Fancisco. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе San Francisco, США. Territoria придерживается умеренных политических взглядов. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "I do not trust, that the God is...".

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I REMOVE... DAMAGE...-severe games-my adored film... Therefore read further closely... Women as apples. The most tasty hang on the top of a tree. Men do not wish to climb on a tree behind tasty apples because they are afraid to fall and hit. Instead of it they collect the fallen apples from the ground which not so are good, but are accessible. Therefore apples on top think, that with them something not so though actually THEY are magnificent. They need to wait that person who will not be afraid to climb on top of a tree!..., I AM able TO DO to GIRLS TWO THINGS - PAINFULLY AND PLEASANTLY All men want.. But who will give them) .Без bad habits... I do not smoke.. I do not work...:) For acquaintance of the purpose are not necessary! Economic as soap. Contact as lenses. I shall help very beautiful and infinitely dissolute girl... If is wave always will be with whom to talk... I do not love parasites I love those who that that has achieved or wishes to achieve... The Man should protect the family But where to find the bright girl who is various it is interesting as the person that it to do? I love independent impudent people. Sometimes I love the selling world , but it is rare. I am not stuck out, I do not wriggle and not from myself a center of the universe. Already from paranoiacs with a syndrome " I more abruptly uncle Gagarin ". Do not write, if know, that you - супер-пупер and most cool in the world чел is a nightmare! If I to you have addressed, it does not mean, that I am glued if I communicate with you, it does not mean, that it is pleasant to me. If I looked your questionnaire many times, it means one of two: or at me memory bad, or you are simply beautiful. sweet, cheerful, character complex, haughty and constantly late everywhere if at you with IQ normally write, for the others all that below is written for girls considering "COOLing" - girls cool, all over the world both Elabuga, and Chelni, and in Kazan in particular it is party of people which earn money (usually it is people from show of business - singers, A strip, visagistes. Though there are certainly exceptions.) That is why they self-assured also "cost" and "are removed" much more dearly. If you come in local Elabuga-club, and you three georgiya on black 12 or try to remove everyone the second Armenians, and you have given up to them = it does not mean that you " cool a knot " as though to you would be desirable to think. It means that you usual beach which will be yet насо... Those on normal business or work. Do not begin to earn independently and though hardly hardly include a brain! That is why thrust the понты... Yes yes there! I Ask озабоченых lady whom type " still anything " to not write, without a photo there! Girls which do not smoke, categorically do not drink, are engaged in yoga, meditation, etc. too to not disturb, I think ridiculously well and those which want is borrowed with me sex look in a mirror and get accustomed, where anything at you does not hang, has not swum away... I respect and love girls which watch myself! And not just behind nails... Pleasant completeness does not happen. P.S.: On numerous questions of readers from tundra, from a taiga, village Gadyukino and so forth type, whether " Not too you of high opinion on? Whether " and " you exaggerate own importance? " I answer in advance: - Is not present, not too. - is not present, I do not exaggerate the People who are not dividing my outlooks on life by harmonous numbers go on ХУЙ..do not litter a box with worthless advice and recommendations. With pages without a photo in what in our dialogue will not result, let's respect each other and to enable to understand a stream of new contacts and their necessity. In fact between us probably much, here all depends on the big mutual desire, sympathies and presence of a free time at both.