Muslimah Bilal

Досье Muslimah Bilal

Адрес: США, College Park
Происхождение: Jannah
Дата рождения:27 Февраля 1986
Сайт: offline
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Muslimah Bilal родилась 27 Февраля 1986 года. Она была рождена в городе Jannah. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе College Park, США. В своих религиозных взглядах она указала: "La illaha illalah".

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bismillah. in the name of the One..

Constantly and Patiently in the midst of the most beautiful transition....eternally. until Al Waqiah...the Inevitable Event...that day will be so sweet...the end of this semi-sweet circus of a prison... lol. word...

By Allah...When I am awake in all my senses I am a Muslim, a servant of Allah. True surrendering to every moment and millisecond of the day...When our eyes become cleansed, and we see with Allah's eyes...we see that It is so much beauty and truth to surrender to whatever form...(even if that "beauty" is rather grotesque and horrifying.) so with this fact- By Allah, my days tend to be filled with an abundance of laughter, silence, and sweet teardrops, not the bitter acidic ones..but teardrops of benefit. quite frankly-i am at the whims of others, especially if your open and receptive. forget me. forget my rights. i love me. i love you. but love is so beautiful...unfathomable... that, at times, we fall short. we are When sleeping in my senses I am dreaming of waking up again. This dream is the most true, most authentic of dreams for me. And once I am awake I am ashamed of my slumber....

and the semi-sweet cycle's beautiful.

lyfe is love. certainly. how can problems exist when we know this? 


Miles and Miles away from Ordinary; Lifetime Away From Perfect. I try hard to do right. I NEED to DIE with my forehead on the ground, the Sunnah in my heart, Allah (S.W.T.) on my mind, Quran on my tongue, and tears in my eyes!!..Ameen.

Visitor on this dot called Earf. Eyes is on the Prize. The Ultimate Reality. The Hereafter, b/c This life is ALL illusion.
Fun tho, im lovin it... ;-) livin it. "doin it BIG." Strive to Lead by example only. i give Thanks.


Poem My Sister made for me in her Published Book, "Beneath A Black Sun." this poem is entitled "Muslimah"


don't ever let me see your face
without a smile gracing it
dont ever let me see your eyes
without a look of promise
dont ever let me feel your soul
without the energy of its illumination
to love is to fulfill
to keep is to trust
to give is to be pure
to promise is to be true
Your passion is that of an endless ocean
Existing beyond what exists
Let the world drink of your water
for Revolution revolves in your fist
Serenity rests in your palm
Open your hand...
Stretch your arms & watch them wrap around
the entire universe
you would swear you have room to hold more
and I would
believe you.
You are too beautiful
to be anything but the light
that gives hope
to darkness
believe me.

Alhumdulillah...I believe her too :) I know.
This poem goes for all of could it be any other way? By Allah, We are Kosmik Souls that are taking a stop on this dot called earth. 

what is this?!



KNOW. :-) 

Glad we are in good hands though! by The Most Gracious.....The All-Knower.