Борис Медведев

Досье Борис Медведев

Адрес: Украина, Великая Севастяновка
Происхождение: с. Велика Севастянівка
Дата рождения:12 Декабря 1989
Сайт: offline
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Борис Медведев родился 12 Декабря 1989 года. Он был рожден в городе с. Велика Севастянівка. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Великая Севастяновка, Украина. Борис придерживается умеренных политических взглядов. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "Умеренные". Борис относится к алкоголю нейтрально.

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Вот, что рассказывает Борис о себе:
I - this is what I think about myself 

When you say "I" what do you mean? Who is you who this "I", let's try to understand. What can you say about yourself? Stop for a moment and think. Give yourself a definition. Do not be too philosophize and think of compound structures. Try to define yourself in one word. "I is ...". I - person. Well, quite frankly, indisputable assertion. But what it gives, what does it say to yourself and others? What have you got two arms and two legs. What are omnivorous. What do you have reason. Good, but not too much, do not you think? 
This is a game in the definition itself can continue. Who are you? "I - a woman / man" - here, added one more detail. "I - a parent," "I - ...". This list goes on. Try it. How much do you have such definitions for himself? 
So, you - all this, above. Each of these definitions imply some special features. These are, in many respects, develops your unique and exclusive Ya Let's try to take the next step. Look at each of these "definitions". What it brings? What kind of information? For example, as I said, "man" - this, at least, erect locomotive mammal. Another and reasonable, seem to be. So, it turns out that for every image is worth a certain set of descriptions, but if you are talking about yourself, self-description. Each of these characters has a certain set of features, and, importantly, behave a certain way. Work works, the parent raises a child, the driver is driving and so on. 
... You one way or another, to identify with these characters, and live the way they should live. This is - no more (nor less) than your role. And those roles you to try on himself. Some discarded some forsaken him. You paint as if painting, which shows you yourself. And this inner picture helps you to be yourself. With the extra touches - milestones of your development. 
So, the picture shows you. And the artist - you too. And no one else, mind you. That is, of course, someone might to some extent affect you and in your picture that will change, but the cause or not cause new touches - it's up to you and to anyone else. Ultimately, your whole life - is the process of drawing pictures. Something to erase something dorisovat. But a pencil eraser and it keeps your hand ... 
This pattern arises, in obedience to your wishes, short-term and premeditated. Sometimes the mood - and you suddenly throw a few extra features. And sometimes you long ponders whether the cost once again to touch the canvas and that it is necessary to fix it or something to add. And what has drawn, mind you, me and yourself. You're a strange way is connected with his own creation. You're getting them. Those features, which appeared in the portrait, are thy features ... 
... And now let's digress from the topic of art. Let us return to our game, with which we started, remember? So, there are a number of roles. You take them, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not. And they become part of you. Knowing these roles, you can tell about myself. 
Are you - is, in a sense, a set of your own self-perceptions of themselves. You know their capabilities and limitations, its advantages and disadvantages, is not it? And this is the description - the most accurate your portrait. Who knows you better than yourself? Ambient? But they judge you only on external features. Your behavior - this is only one side of the coin. After all, you yourself more than you know what you're doing and why. And what does not. 
But all felt, perhaps, impossible. Or, at least, very difficult. You can tell because only that realizes itself, it is true after all? 
For example, if you do not notice for a fact that you often жадничаешь, you even myself can not say I'm greedy. " But it happens that a person knows that he is stiff and behaves accordingly. Accordingly, their ideas about themselves.