Daniil Bakalov

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Происхождение: Worldwide
Дата рождения:13 Октября
Сайт: offline
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Daniil Bakalov родился 13 Октября знать бы еще какого года. Он был рожден в городе Worldwide. Daniilотносится к алкоголю компромисно.

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Вот, что рассказывает Daniil о себе:
First seriously interested in electronic music when he was 16 years old. By that time, he finished a school, one year of economic trade and have been working for 2 years. He started as a DJ with 2 turntables and mixer and several vinyl records. Independently mastered the principle of mixing for one night, he preferred mostly dark side of drum n bass music, with subgenres such as darkstep, neurofunk and techno dnb. A month later, Bakalov D played his first (vinyl only!) set in a club in his native city. After several months Daniil organized his first party at his 17 birthday. From this time he became an active promoter and DJ. 

While working at the factory and studying at college, Daniil takes a constant part of the underground music movement in his region and begin to study the program for writing music and in the same year he is opening first Russian techno dnb label, "Future 13", a digital label. Being disappointed in the Russian education system, he leaves college and decides to concentrate his efforts on the development of the label and music production. He signed a contract with Amex, Structural and release issued with the participation of these artists stayed in the fourth place in the top 5 online junodownload.com it for more than a week.  «Future 13» label was a good opportunity for a young talented musician to «come in» the Drum & Bass scene.

Gradually Daniil feels the urgent need to expand the range of musical styles that will bring the inspiration and impact. It was a period of deep reflection, focused on the formation of a powerful concept, and as a result of these thoughts in the end of the year the conception of CHERNOBYL MUSIC was born. After that Daniil leaved plant in 2009 at the age of 19 years old, bought the necessary equipment for professional music production and first engaged in techno. Also he is opening CHERNOBYL MUSIC.

Hard working on quality of the music he producing gave the desired result. In 2010, the signed on label music material has attracted famous artists and formed the basis for recording a podcast and giving first interview to the community called "Pimp My Techno" (Proket CEO). The first track titled "Nemora Vida" been sent to the Triple Vision Music Group and lately it was released by the legendary label "PATTERNS HOLLAND".

Bakalov D - Merger Shower [SFEP020]
Bakalov D - The Movement of Hearts [SFEP020]
Bakalov D - Nemora Vida Vip [SFEP020]
Bakalov D ft. Lena S - Dont Cry [CMDI-003]
Bakalov D - Bez Dna [CMDI-003]
Bakalov D - Black God [CMDT-005]
Bakalov D - Vavilon [CMDT-005]
Bakalov D - Raw E [CMDT-005]
Mario Ranieri - Freude am Leben (Bakalov D Remix) [SFLP002]
Bakalov D - Dead Rome [SFEP-016]
Bakalov D - Minerva [SFEP-016]
Bakalov D - Hydrolove [SFEP-16]
Bakalov D - Macrus [HARDLINE77-BLACK001]
Bakalov D - In Your Darkness [RT-34]
Bakalov D - Just Me Bellive [RT-34]
Bakalov D - Reverdo Jonare [RT-34]
Bakalov D - Recon [CMR DT004]
Bakalov D - Moo [CMR DT004]
Bakalov D - Virtual Girl [CMR DT004]
Bakalov D - Zima [CMR DDS001]
Bakalov D - Reactor [RT11]
Bakalov D - Boiling Sky [RT11]
Bakalov D - Fucking Machines [RT11]
Bakalov D - Razdora Gerava [CMR DT002]
Bakalov D - His Broken Nose [CMR DT002]
Bakalov D - Evil Look [CMR DT001]
Bakalov D - Nemora Vida [PATRN 2010 - 007]
Bakalov D - Faza B [CMF 001]
Stereotype - D.M.O.T.A.S. (Bakalov D Rmx) [CMF 001]