Slim Shady

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Адрес: США, Los Angeles
Происхождение: Los-Angeles
Дата рождения:17 Октября 1973
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Slim Shady родился 17 Октября 1973 года. Он был рожден в городе Los-Angeles. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Los Angeles, США. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "RAP".

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Вот, что рассказывает Slim о себе:
Eminem was born into a tough life living in Detroit, also had to grow up without his mother by his side. She sadly passed away when he was only nine years of age. He was then living with his dad. Without any entertainment to occupy himself he started writing rhymes at age 10, he didn't even have a radio to listen to. His Father and step-mom moved the family to New Mexico. Xzibit was then taken out of home at 14 after constantly getting into trouble. When he turned 17 he was released from the state as he was now considered an adult. Xzibit then made his way to California looking to start his music career.

Eminem arrived in California on a mission to get a deal, so he met with a number of figure heads and started appearing on peoples albums. A producer by the name of Broadway was instrumental in introducing him to Tha Alkaholiks, who in turn got him together with King Tee. Xzibit turned it out on the posse cut, "Freestyle Ghetto" on "King Tee IV Life," and after that got busy on the Liks' "Coast ][ Coast" on the joints, "Hit and Run" (the sequel, featuring an appearance by adult movie star Ron Hightower, is on Eminem's album) and on "Flashback," where he showcased his humorous side as one of The Baby Babbas. LOUD records CEO Steve Rifkin offered him a deal soon afterward.

In 1996 Xzibit completed his debut solo album, At the Speed of Life.
"I named the album "At The Speed Of Life" because there's a whole lot of sh*t that ni*gas go through. I know more ni*gas that is off-the-wall and crazy, runnin' guns and sh*t than I know regular Joes that all they want to do is feed their kids. That's their speed. But it's weird how everything is coinciding together, and at the same time is moving in all kinds of different directions." Xzibit with his one of a kind voice and natural intensity beamed songs like "Paparazzi" and "The Foundation" into peoples minds through radio, and soon Xzibit was becoming a well known name on the streets. At The Speed Of Life was met with excellent reviews.
"I couldn't pick a better time because what I'm bringin' to the table is fresh and new..."
"I did this album for a lot of reasons other than the flim-flam and the whoopty-whoop, the pictures, the travel and all that sh*t," says Xzibit. "This album is heartfelt."
The song Paparazzi, explained how he saw the Hip-Hop game, Xzibit's lyrics say it all: "It's a shame, ni*gas in the rap game only for the money and the fame." This was the first single from At The Speed Of Life.
Then came the second single off his debut album, "The Foundation." a song written for Xzibit to his son, where he advises the child about the ups and downs of growing up ("You can only run the streets for so long" says Xzibit). Dj Muggs from Cypress Hill produced the emotionally charged track which features a mesmerizing loop of ghostly wails and the actual cries of Xzibit's baby. And revelations abound in the hard-nosed two verses of "Carry The Weight," which details Xzibit's life story, from his troubled past to makin' it on his own.

In 1998, Xzibit's 2nd solo album "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz" followed and was met with great reviews just like At The Speed Of Life had been two years ago. Xzibit was hard at work appearing on many albums such as Snoop's Top Dogg, Dre's 2001 and Kurupt's Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha. Xzibit was becoming well known to commercial hip-hop fans, in turn this increased Xzibit's fan base.

In 2000 Xzibit's 3rd solo album was released, titled Restless. The album was released in December 2000, and was met with great reviews and earned Xzibit his first platinum record. Restless included a great selection of singles including X, Get Your Walk On, Front 2 Back, and Loud & Clear.
Restless also marked the beginning of Xzibit's own label, Open Bar Ent