Diana Mkrtchyan

Досье Diana Mkrtchyan

Адрес: США, Chicago
Происхождение: Armenia
Дата рождения:12 Сентября 1985
Сайт: offline
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Diana Mkrtchyan родилась 12 Сентября 1985 года. Она была рождена в городе Armenia. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Chicago, США. Diana исповедует либральные взгляды. На вопрос о религии она указала: "Ya ne relegoznaya".

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Вот, что рассказывает Diana о себе:
My name is Diana. I am callege student. I am quite person. I am nice and freindly person too.
Diana was the virginal hunting goddess and became associated with wild animals and woodlands (particularly the cypress and the deer). The goddess also became goddess of the Moon, supplanting Luna, to create symmetry with her twin, Apollo, God of the Sun. Oak groves were especially sacred to her. She was praised in poetry for her strength, athletic grace, distinct beauty and hunting skill. In practice she made up a trinity with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god. In her etymology, "Diana" is simply :"the Goddess", with a Greek parallel in the name — though not the cult practice — of Dione at Dodona. She was goddess of fertility and quick to anger