Phoebe Tonkin

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Адрес: Австралия, Sydney
Происхождение: Sydney, Brisbane.
Дата рождения:17 Сентября 1989
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Phoebe Tonkin родилась 17 Сентября 1989 года. Она была рождена в городе Sydney, Brisbane.. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Sydney, Австралия. Phoebe придерживается умеренных политических взглядов. На вопрос о религии она указала: "Believe in myself".

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Вот, что рассказывает Phoebe о себе:
Something about me:17s of September 1989 I was born in Sydney, Australia.In 4 years I went to dancing. It was Hip-Hop. After that I was in Model  bussines (Model Agency).Model bussines is very bed for a hair. Because every day you have a different style and figure.Now I'm an actress.But I haven't got any time for a good  life.But I'm happy!  
I love my friends-actors from "H2O".It's Craig Horner(Ash), Christopher Poree(Byron), Brittany Byrnes(Charlotte Watsford), Claire Holt (Emma Gilbert), Angus McLaren (Lewis McCartney), Samie Timony (Nate), Burges Abertheny (Zein), Cariba Heine (Rikki Chadwick)They are  good and happy people.
And very different.I'm very happy to work with them.But my best friend is Claire Holt.She alltimes help me.
Of course I like to be actress.But sometimes it's terrible.Because I haven't got some time for speak with my friends.I love my mother.I want to be like my mother and haves her character.
P.S.On you can see my photo gallery with my best photos.Also you can find more information about me on this site.