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Происхождение: The HardStyle City
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Нам не известно когда родился Вовчик Ханаш. Он был рожден в городе The HardStyle City. В своих религиозных взглядах он указал: "Hard Music". Вовчик относится к алкоголю нейтрально.

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Genre: Hardstyle

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One of most promising Hardstyle duo of Eastern Europe. Our history began in 2008, when two boys from Kiev decided to unite their forces and started produce music as Ukrainian Hardstylerz. 
Artem and Vladimir created and released more than 70 tracks on different European hardstyle record labels. At this moment we are the owners of Euphoric Madness, and we release our music there.

We have more than 100 performances in Ukraine and also, we were playing in 
The Netherlands and Russia.
As Ukrainian Hardstylerz we were lucky to perform at one stage with true hard dance super stars, like - Zany, B-Front, Angerfist, Outblast, Noize Supressor, Miss K8, Hellsystem, Unexist. 

But in this world every history has the beginning and the end. We always remember all great moments with deep and warm feelings.
However, the last years were difficult enough for us.We haven't reached our aims. We failed. 
All these details made us rethink everything. 
After a lot of thoughts and analysis we made important conclusion. 
It was one of the hardest decisions in our life, it will completely change us.

First of all, we want to say a huge thanks to our fans for their support during these years. 
Without you, there would be no point to create music. We have changed the nickname. 
Ukrainian Hardstylerz doesn’t work in the music industry anymore. We have to understand this and we have to let it go. 

Our community is searching for something fresh, something unique and more European. 
From this very special moment, 
you can call us - The Genesiz. 
Our new goals and the new dreams 
are connecting with this project. 
We still stand together, we are big friends and we are dedicated to hardstyle music. 
You will hear fresh ideas, high quality and new visions. 

And once again, thank you for being with us. 
The Genesis project starts on new journey.