John Holmes

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Адрес: Грузия, Тбилиси
Дата рождения:6 Августа 1977
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John Holmes родился 6 Августа 1977 года. Непонятно где родился John. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Тбилиси, Грузия.

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Born John Curtis Estes on August 8, 1944 in rural Pickaway County, Ohio, the youngest of four children, John was raised by a religious fanatic mother, named Mary, and an abusive alcoholic stepfather, named Harold Bowman. He was a bible student, but at the age of 16 dropped out of school, left home, and went through a stint in the U.S. Army, where he was stationed in West Germany for three years. After his discharge, Holmes moved to Los Angeles in 1964 where he married a young nurse, and worked odd jobs from a taxi driver, limo driver, postal clerk, temp worker, ambulance driver, and a forklift driver.