Mardg Simpson

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Адрес: США, Springfield
Происхождение: Springfield
Дата рождения:17 Мая
Сайт: offline
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Mardg Simpson родилась 17 Мая, но мы не знаем какого года. Она была рождена в городе Springfield. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Springfield, США. Mardg исповедует либральные взгляды. В своих религиозных взглядах она указала: "God"s dother".

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Greetings to all! I  to be familiar to you. I Mardg Simpson mother of three children.I with dark blue long hair. I have three children, the big husband, two house pupils, I do not have higher education!Тhis is my husband
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Homer Simpson-Cамый the abrupt мульт-character of all times and people!! A name: Homere Dzhej Simpson; age: 39; the birthplace: N.Karolina; weight: between 239 and 260 pounds; growth: 181 sm; a place of work: the inspector of safety, sector 7g, САЭС (Спрингфилдская an atomic power station); family: the father of 3 children, husband Mardzh Simpson. " The Simpsons " - the best seller, the Homere - its protagonist. As the inspector in an atomic power station it does the work with an absolute minimum of effort. This miracle, that has not been smashed Springfield. Brand Гомера-of a phrase " D'OH "and" mmmm... [Something] ". Favourite place Гомера-tavern Мо. Favourite food Гомера-doughnuts, bacon, крастибургеры (especially one them разновидность-рёбрович), pork, and бифштексы. The Homere is improbably lazy, its representations concerning ideal дня-to lay on a couch and to drink beer while Мардж tidies up behind it. It has been brought up only by father Abrakhamom (Эйбом) Simpson because its mother has left from them. It was found out 30 years later, having appeared the searched criminal and should leave again. Even that the Homere and its father not often communicate, they very much love each other. The Homere many times got in hospital with heart attacks. It also has offered one of its kidneys to rescue Эйба from death. The Homere now lives in Springfield, staff [???]. It lives with wife Mardzh and three children: Bart, Лизой, and Мэгги. Some people who do not know the Homere, can find its simply stupid and rough, however it at all so. It very much loves the family, and has sharp feeling of the right and validity. The best phrases of the Homere: _______ D'oh..!!! _______ Ah you small... (Ahh, you son of a...) *** the Homere: Now walk my beer, and здоровье-my hang-over!:) Лиза: the Daddy, no! What will people tell?