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Адрес: США,
Дата рождения:4 Мая 1989
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Sexy Fuck родилась 4 Мая 1989 года. Непонятно где родилась Sexy. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе , США.

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Angelai is my name and thats what they and you will call me. lets make this clear. dont add me and cum to me saying thanks for the add. im pretty sure i didnt add you cause in fact you added me. before you ask for my msn read this and at least have 5 min convo. before you go hey seksi whats your msn. YOU WONT GET IT. try me. im very open and honest i say how it is. i love karate and soccer thats my life its what i live on. im 17 yes young but very very smart when it cums to life. dont krak onto me and ask for my number you will not get it in fact you NEVER will. i like it how i got a fan club most by girls saying this that. . guys who think they seen me or know me YOU DON'T in fact you don't know anything about me. as i said im straight up i get to the point. im NOT a girly girl and hate being one. i get along with boys more then girls its cause i grew up with them and it just they more fun then girls. if i dont reply to you ether you have no picture or your talking dirty or i just have no time. thanks