Paolo Frigerio

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Адрес: Италия, Como
Дата рождения:7 Сентября 1985
Сайт: offline
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Paolo Frigerio родился 7 Сентября 1985 года. Непонятно где родился Paolo. За то, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Como, Италия. Paolo социалист.

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Silva vasta erat 
"Silvia era grassa" 

Casually militant collectivistic with a vivid imagination and rich fantasy life (shared physical reality okay too). I enjoy my own company but also dig genuinely pleasurable interactions with others. Essentially, the concept of balance is the leitmotif of my existence and thus I strive to maintain dynamic equilibrium within and between all facets of my being. 

I grew up in Italy and still consider it both home and the best place on Earth, but currently I attend school in England. I try to make the best of it, despite many cultural and climatic shortcomings. 

I am at least somewhat aware that I am not perfect and often marvel at the profundity of my errors and oversights... but I don't let it faze me. I treasure my idiosyncracies for they serve me well in the context of my own experience. 

I see evidence for divine beings, conscious existence after death and for philosphical meaning to life other than what we choose... I do cultivate a keen appreciation for the poetic and impractical, as well as embracing a quasi-pagan ethos just for the psychodramatic release of it all. 

In short, I try to cultivate my sense of self, work with my strengths and cut myself a break for being an imperfect part of an imperfect whole. You don't need a higher power (or be trying to quit the sauce) to benefit from application of the serenity prayer. 

Astenersi perditempo. 

Non cerco l'amore su internet, quindi si eviti qualsiasi tentativo di abbordaggio. 

Non chiedetemi subito il contatto msn, non aggiungo persone giusto per il gusto di farlo. 

Fate almeno lo sforzo di presentarvi prima di chiedere di entrare nella lista di amici. 


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