Hermy Grander

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Адрес: Великобритания, Oxford
Происхождение: Oxford
Дата рождения:15 Апреля 1990
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Hermy Grander родилась 15 Апреля 1990 года. Она была рождена в городе Oxford. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас она проживает в городе Oxford, Великобритания. Hermy придерживается умеренных политических взглядов.

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About Me:

"I hope my head doesn't get very big. I'm just going to keep my feet on the ground, stick to friends and family and try and lead a normal life." Emma Watson

On April 15, 1990, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born to lawyer parents Chris (born 1948) and Jacqueline Watson (born 1949).

Emma was named after her paternal grandmother, Freda Watson, who changed her name to Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson after marriage.

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK born Emma moved to France and lived there for 5 years, but then flew back to England and has lived there ever since. Since her parents' divorce, Emma and her younger brother Alex (born 1993) have lived with their mother in Oxford.

Emma Watson went to a renowned British "public" college preparatory school named Dragon School, in Oxford. She also attended the all girls school Headington, where she studied Art, History and English. While not busy filming, Emma, nicknamed Em, enjoys hockey, tennis and rounders (game with bat and ball). Owner of two cats named Bubbles and Domino, Emma likes to hang out with friends, shop, go to the movies and dance. She can speak French, Italian and German.

Hogwarts Academy


"I think I could be 100 years old and in my rocker, but I'll still be very proud to say I was in the Harry Potter films." Emma Watson

Emma Watson began showing off her acting talent in school by starring in several school stage plays including "Arthur: The Young Years," "The Happy Prince" and "Alice in Wonderland." At age seven, she won the Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition.

A professional acting career knocked when people from the casting office came to her Oxford primary school. With her teacher's encouragement, Watson and some of her friends joined the auditions for the role of Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Despite her minimal acting experience compared to other contestants, Watson eventually got the part.

Soon Watson found herself directed by Chris Columbus in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001, a.k.a. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). The film is an adaptation of the first of J.K. Rowling's popular children's novels, which is about Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliffe), a boy who finds out that he is the orphaned son of two powerful wizards and possesses unique magical powers of his own.

Along with Rupert Grint (played character Ron Weasley), Watson portrayed the title character's best friend, the bookish, brassy Hermione Granger, who helped Harry Potter discover the truth about his parents' mysterious deaths. The film was widely received around the globe and became a box-office hit. It eventually catapulted Watson and her friends towards stardom.

In 2002, Watson rejoined her on-screen-best friends in the sequel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The second tells about their second year at the Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they try to discover a dark force that is terrorizing the school.

"Well, it is a little bit darker and scarier. The first one introduced the characters, in the second you got to know the characters, and now their characters are really defined. This is my favorite book. I love it. Hermione, Ron and Harry have a falling out, which hasn't happened before. Also there are lots of new characters coming into it: Professor Lupin, Sirius Black and the Dementors." Emma Watson (on the third installment of Harry Potter).

Watson also starred in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which hit theaters on June 4th, 2004. Under Mexico filmmaker Alfonso Cuarуn's direction, Watson reunited with her wizard friends to face Harry Potter's most dangerous enemy who has escaped the Wizards' Prison and is coming after Harry.