MaxNRG Funk Masters

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Адрес: Украина, Львов
Происхождение: Львов
Дата рождения:5 Декабря
Сайт: offline
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MaxNRG Funk Masters родился 5 Декабря, но мы не знаем какого года. Он был рожден в городе Львов. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе Львов, Украина.

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Вот, что рассказывает MaxNRG о себе:

MaxNRG is a drum’n’bass music producer from Lviv, Ukraine, from where he has been instrumental in pushing the D&B and underground dance music movement across Eastern Europe. 

His music is supported by Friction, Pendulum, Aphrodite, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire, 
Dirtyphonics, Feint, June Miller, Joe Ford, Teddy Killerz and Fox Stevenson.

MaxNRG began his journey in late 90’s, experimenting with various genres until he fell in love with drum and bass. Since then, he's steadily established his position as the top boy in the scene in his home country.

He released his homeland's first D&B album "Dead Voice" in 2002, as well as becoming the remixer of choice for many top Ukrainian artists. His crew Funk Masters, which includes his collaborators Derrick & Tonika, have since gone on to promote huge events across the region and to form their own label DNBSession Music. 
Among Ukranian junglists, his crew will be forever legendary for the anthem "Ruhaymo Jungle Massive", featuring MC N.E.D., and for their 2008 debut album "Drum and Bass Nation".

Having proven his credentials in Eastern Europe, Max began his campaign on the rest of the world with a well-received remix of Pendulum's "The Island", which came third out of more than eight-hundred entries in their remix competition in 2010. 
In 2012 MaxNRG's global reputation was secured with his signing to Technique Recordings.

From grimy trap to main-stage D&B, from delicate melodies to wicked big basslines, from Ukraine to the UK, MaxNRG's got it covered. Since signing to Technique he's demonstrated a level of versatility that's meant each new release comes with the promise of some new twist in the bass-music tale. Listen to the dancefloor smashers ‘Kill The Snake’, 'Now Hear This' and ’50 000’, horror-movie darkness of '“Danger Zone'”, vocal dnb 'Hide Away My Heart', the electro-acid road joint 'Dis Way We Gotta Do It', uplifting 'Far Frontiers from Space' and the proudly Ukrainian “'Arkan' and you wouldn't even know it was the same mind at work. 

MaxNRG has shown he's still got no interest in sticking to a formula. Constantly evolving and rewriting the rule-book as he goes, he's capable of reliably supplying the dancefloor with weighty bass and beats while still pushing genre-boundaries. This is intelligent rave music that hits hard!







DJ Mixes:

July  2012 - MaxNRG Guest Mix for Going Quantum

July 2012 - Technique Podcast - MaxNRG Studio Mix

2011.01 - MaxNRG & MC N.E.D - Live in Kiev (CINEMA club) - DNB.IN.UA January 2011 special mix:

2010.01 - MaxNRG & MC N.E.D - Live @ Stepkillah's Birthday Party (CINEMA club, Kiev, 15 January 2010)

2009.10 - MaxNRG - Live in Odessa mix (Domino club, 10 October 2009)
[Panorama Podcast 013 by Derrick & Tonika @ Kiss FM, 18 oct 2009]

2008.12 - DNB.IN.UA special live mix by MaxNRG and MC N.E.D - Live @ Mix club, Zaporizhzhya (18.12.2008)