Mike Tyson

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Адрес: США,
Происхождение: NY
Дата рождения:30 Июня 1966
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Mike Tyson родился 30 Июня 1966 года. Он был рожден в городе NY. Также, мы выяснили, что сейчас он проживает в городе , США.

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Вот, что рассказывает Mike о себе:
Maykl Dzherard Tayson was born the June 30 1966 in NEW YORK in family Lorgnette Kirkpatrik (the native-born Smith) and Dzhimmi Kirkpatrika. The Surname Tayson was got Tanktop from the first husband his(its) full-grown   Persela Taysona. Dzhimmi Kirkpatrik has abandoned the family before birth Tanktop else, and Lorgnette with детьми (beside Tanktop was a senior brother to Kinsfolks and senior sister Deniz) has moved in Braunsvilli   one of most неблагополучных region NEW YORK, populated mainly black mans. Because of heavy financial standing their family several years it happened to to nestle in house, where was not neither heating, nor hot water.

In the childhood of the Tanktops differed exceedingly soft nature and inability to stand for itself. His(its) senior brother to Kinsfolks and the neighbor's boys, but later and classmates constantly sneered on him, beat, selected the triviality and sweetnesses, which gave him mother. However at age that 9, that 11 years in Tanktop has occurred the fracture. As he itself tells, once upon a time one of the members of the local street gang former for several years senior, has wrested beside it from hands of the loved dove (the breeding blue was a loved occupation Tanktop from childhood and remains his(its) main a hobby and on сей day) and has torn away him head. The Infuriated Tanktops pounced upon its offender and has cruelly beaten him(it). This episode has conquered the Tanktop a respect local juvenile бандитов, which have taken him(it) in its company and have taught to climb on pocket, thieve and rob the shops. All these occupations, naturally, turned the repeated visit in corrective of the institution for juvenile offenders, in the course of one of which Taysonu to manage be ed with Mohammedom Ali, arrived there to пообщаться with difficult teenager and try to them on way true. Itself Tayson subsequently recalled that exactly after meeting with Ali he was for the first time conceived about quarry of the boxer.

At 13 years Tayson was sent in спецшколу for minor criminal, located in north part NEW YORK. Hereto moment he was considered unamendable and differed to be enormous for its age by physical power: when Tanktops came out of itself, his(its) managed утихомирить only common efforts several adult mans. In school, in which have defined Taysona, worked the teacher of the physical culture former boxer Bobby Styuart. Haved a drink once upon a time in prison cell for the next breach of the mode, Tanktops has suddenly asked the possibility to speak to him. Styuart came to him, and Tanktops have declared that wants to become the boxer. Styuart agreed to drill him(it) provided that Tanktops will not break discipline.

The Behaviour Tanktop hereon really took a turn for the better, and after certain time Styuart has concluded with him else one agreement: than better Tanktops learns in school, that more Styuart concerns with the box with him. And this has operated: Tayson, which before this considered mentally retarded, was able noticeably to raise its progress. He was so is enthralled by box that personnel of the school occasionly caught him(it) for drill in 3-4 hours to nights, when he boxed with shade or swung the muscles in its room. In one of the more late interview Styuart recalled that Tayson, which then was 13 years, literally toppled him(it) with legs its джебом, but after all itself Bobby was a not bad boxer-amateur and the whole for five years before this, emerging in полутяжелом weight, has won the prestigious tournament  Gold(en) gloves .

In a certain time Styuart has understood that his(its) pupil already перерос his(its) most, and has brought the Tanktop to storied trainer and manager Kasu D'AMATO, well-mannered two champions of the world   супертяжеловеса Floyda Pattersona and полутяжеловеса Jose Torresa   as well as else row strong boxer. For the first time seen Tanktop, D'AMATO has asked Styuarta, than they feed the juvenile criminal in its school: 13-